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Friday, January 25, 2013

Get A Shopping Coupon Code Right Away Just For Playing A Game

Once you register at my Jewelry Boutique you'll be able to play a game called Jewelette, it's fun! You sign in through your Facebook account, then it's like the Wheel of Fortune game and you spin a virtual wheel for points. Then you guess the letters that make up the answer to a puzzle.

When you play anytime during the week you'll get a 15% off coupon code for shopping in my boutique right away.You have to use your discount coupon code ASAP since it expires in 48 hours after you first login to Jewelette to play for the week. You can play again and get a new code the following week.

*** Also you can win up to $500 in jewelry every week! ***

Thanks for visiting, feel free to post comments below. Happy shopping!

Sondra Carpenter


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