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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fashion Trend: Chain Link Jewelry

Chains are a big fashion trend now, especially big chunky links as well as a variety of sizes. You can show them off in layers with necklaces with your favorite a tee or let them peep from under a jacket. With bracelets were're seeing them stacked or like the one shown here, created with a mixture of smaller
and bigger chains. Wear them any way you like to add a little style and fun.

Sondra Carpenter

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Business Promotion Tip: Jewelry Recommendations For Your Customers

For customers on your mailing list that are family and friends, make recommendations for them of jewelry you think will fit their style. Your Kitsy Lane boutique is set up so your can write a recommendation for any of the items you stock. You can then easily and quickly send it out through your back office.

This way you're able to personalize the online shopping experience for your customers! That makes it easier for them to choose the perfect accessories from your online store.

Ready to open your own Jewelry Boutique for free?

Visit to watch the video and get started right now.

Sondra Carpenter

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fashion Trend: Emerald Green For 2013

According to Pantone, the worldwide authority on color, the Color of the Year for 2013 is Emerald. Already we're seeing this luxurious tone in the fashion scene with pieces from Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta.

Stylists like emerald green because it goes with practically all skin tones and eye colors. That's why The Diva's Jewelry Box, a Kitsy Lane Boutique, is offering a selection of jewelry featuring this rich, deep green. It matches well with a variety of colors, from black and brown, to brighter hues like cobalt blue. Match rosy or bronze makeup colors with emerald earrings or chokers.

Experiment and treat yourself to something special now in emerald. Click here now to register or login to The Diva's Jewelry Box to start shopping right away.

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Sondra Carpenter

Friday, March 15, 2013

Jewelry Tip: Ideas For Storing Your Jewelry

The fun part of fashion jewelry is not only wearing it but also selecting and buying new pieces. But in order to keep your collection in good shape, it's good to know how to store it to get lots of wear for many seasons to come.

The article below offers tips on how to keep your fashion jewelry looking good, including information on sterling silver and pearls.

Feel free to post relevant comments or questions. Also let me know what other tips you'd like to see covered here. Thanks for visiting!

Sondra Carpenter

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Business Promotion Tip: Wear It And Share It

One of the easiest ways I've found to promote my jewelry business is to wear an item from my boutique and show it off. Once people actually see the quality of the pieces they are more likely to be interested in checking out what else is available. Make sure you have a business card ready to give them once you've modeled your accessories.

Since Internet purchases may not always look the same in reality as what the customer views online, this also helps to give you more credibility.

Click this link if you're interested in starting your own Jewelry Boutique for free.

Feel free to post questions or related comments. Thanks for visiting!

Sondra Carpenter

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fashion Trend: The Romantic Look

This is perfect for the spring season or anytime you want to accentuate a subtle and more romantic look with your outfit. An assortment of jewelry with delicate hues and intricate details that work well with a floral or lacy dress as well as your business suit, even your favorite jeans, are available now.

Sondra Carpenter

Saturday, March 2, 2013

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