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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Business Promotion Tip: Use Social Media Like It's Going Out Of Style!

I admit the title of this post is a little corny, but I bet it got your attention. Lol! Once you sign on as a Boutique Owner with Kitsy Lane you can have them set up automatic updates to your Facebook page for all the sales promotions.You can have anyone that sees your page view deals like the daily and weekly flash sales. Make sure your tweets on Twitter connect to your Facebook page as well.
Plus your Kitsy Lane store has social media buttons for each of the product pages, so you can send descriptions and pictures to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus or by email. So easy to share, so start telling everyone you know about your new business!
If you haven't signed up for your Free Jewelry Business click here to view the video, then submit your email address to open your own boutique!

Sondra Carpenter


  1. Social media is no doubt a great tool for business promotion but many people make mistake in their social media marketing plan as they try to promote business at social networks and forget that social media is about sharing, engaging with customer and selling indirectly. Apart from bloggin one must also not forget to promote business locally using classifieds, print ads and even business signs near your office are a great way of promotion.

    1. Thanks for adding your insights on the topic.