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Monday, May 6, 2013

Fashion Trend: Timeless Talismans

Since the beginning of civilization jewelry that has a religious or sptiritual connection has been worn by many. Whether you think of crosses in Christianity, as well as rosaries; charms with the likeness of the Buddha; the Hamsa, a hand shaped design which means 5, that has been an ancient protector from the Evil Eye; or the Star of David in Judaism, these symbols have become part of our way of connecting to the divine.

Visit our online store, The Diva's Jewelry Box, to see our collection of timeless talismans, as I call them, and add something inspirational to your collection.

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Sondra Carpenter

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Weekly Flash Sale For Mother's Day

This week's flash sale st The Diva's Jewelry Box features lots of great gifts for Mother's Day. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings available in a variety of styles. Plus these selections are all guaranteed to ship no later than May 8, that's just in time for you to surprise your Mom on her special day. The Mother's Day flash sale at The Diva's Jewelry Box just started, so click here to login or register at our boutique and start shopping now!

Happy shopping!

Sondra Carpenter

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Free 10 Dollar Gift Card For Shopping At The Diva's Jewelry Box

Start your shoppping now at The Diva's Jewelry Box and from now until May 6, order your Mother’s Day gift from our Kitsy Lane boutique with your FREE 10 dollar gift card! (Offer valid for one-time use only. Enter coupon code LUVURMOM10 at checkout. Hurry and get yours now! Offer ends 5/6/13 at 12 midnight ET.)

Click here NOW to login to your account with The Diva's Jewelry Box or register with your email address to get your gift card.

Happy shopping!

Sondra Carpenter

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Designer Profile: Nikita Sing

What I like about designer Nikita Sing's pieces are the elegant way she combines elements in an almost talismanic style. These accessories seem to speak to you with a delicate, but yet bohemian feel.

Another characteristic of her work is that they are flexible and you can be creative with the way you wear them. A necklace can also turn into a headband or wrapped around your wrist as a bracelet. Also switch it up and bracelets can be worn on your ankles as well.

Feel free to experiment, visit The Diva's Jewelry Box to view Nikita Sing 's collection as well as many other jewelry designers.

You can post comments, let us know what you think of these designs. Thanks for visiting!

Sondra Carpenter

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Free Shipping Coupons For A Limited Time

Just got a batch of FREE shipping coupons for shopping at The Diva's Jewelry Box! The coupons are good for about one week, and can be used for any size order.

Since there are a limited amount you'll need to let me know if you want one as soon as possible, first come first served.

To get yours make sure that you're already registered on The Diva's Jewelry Box mailing list, you can click here to join now. Then send a message requesting your free shipping coupon and include the email address you're registered with. You can use the Contact Us link at the right side of the blog. That's it!

So get your coupon now and thanks for visiting. Happy shopping!

Sondra Carpenter

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Business Promotion Tip: Offline Advertising Ideas - Part 3 Of 3

Create you own business opportunity flyer and grow your list of Boutique Owners. You'll earn 15% on all sales from your team of Boutique Owners, so this is another way to build your business. 

In your back office you'll see a link for sharing the Kitsy Lane opportunity through social media. Share it there as well, but also use the information on that page to make your own flyers.

You can post the flyers, be creative and see what makes sense in your area, but I'm thinking about giving them out at flea markets. Approach people that are vendors and ask if they know someone who may be interested in a free online business opportunity. Even if they don't think it's for them, they may know someone else who'd like to sign on as a Boutique Owner.

Haven't signed up to get your own Kitsy Lane online jewelry boutique for free? Then click here to get started now!

Hope you found these advertising ideas useful. Please feel to post comments or questions below. Thanks for visiting! 

Sondra Carpenter

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Business Promotion Tip: Offline Advertising Ideas - Part 2 Of 3

Another offline promotion idea is to post flyers advertising your Kitsy Lane jewelry boutique.

In your back office you can click on the link to create flyers. You can even customize them with different images of jewelry items. The flyers have tabs as well a a QR code for use with smart phones.

Post them at supermarkets, laundromats, cafes and any other businesses with message boards that allow flyer advertising.

Haven't signed up to get your own Kitsy Lane online jewelry boutique for free? Then click here to get started now!

Please feel to post comments or questions.

Sondra Carpenter

Monday, April 15, 2013

Business Promotion Tip: Offline Advertising Ideas - Part 1 Of 3

This post and the 2 following it will cover some ideas for advertising your Kitsy Lane jewelry boutique offline. These are easy ways to get your business in front of local prospects. 

The first requires getting business cards. I use Vistaprint, you can go online and search for other companies also, they have offers where you can get them free as well as discounted. Also if you have a Staples in your area they usually have print shops where you can get cards printed the same day.

Once you get them, go around to as many hair and nail salons as you can and ask if you can leave your cards. This is a great way to quickly get your business in front of a targeted market of women that will spend money to look good. What better way for them to help show off their hair and nails than with a nice piece of jewelry (or two!) to add to their collection.

If you can, purchase a few items from your boutique for yourself to model when you're going on you your salon hunt. Use the coupons from your back office for shopping or get one by playing Jewelette. You'll also earn commissions on all your own sales. Since you're not carrying inventory, your clients can see a sample of what's available and the quality of the jewelry. Also don't forget to go back every couple of weeks or so to replinish the cards so they get to see and remember you.

Haven't signed up to get your own Kitsy Lane online jewelry boutique for free? Then click here to get started now!

Please feel to post comments or questions. Thanks for visiting.

Sondra Carpenter

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fashion Trend: Urban Edge

Not everyone embraces the lace and floral you see promoted now for the spring season. Some prefer accessories with an edge featuring details like leather and studs. We're seeing these as well as spikes and chains in a lot of fashion now. We have jewelry that fits right in to complete your funky and chic look. Check out our selection now.

Sondra Carpenter

Friday, April 5, 2013 Fundraiser For The Raheem Brock Foundation

Our fundraiser site Bling For Charity operates online jewelry fundraisers for non-profits and other organizations. Today we've launched a fundraiser for the Raheem Brock Foundation. The organization is a 501(c)3 non-profit that assists underprivileged children in Philadelphia, PA.

They are seeking to raise $5000 in donations this month to help with supporting their youth mentoring program as well as Community Heath Fair.

To find out more about the fundraiser, which features men's and women's accessories visit:

Go check it out, buy some jewelry for yourself or your family and friends and look cute for a cause! Thanks for visiting!

Sondra Carpenter

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jewelry Tip: Necklines and Necklaces

Check out the infographic below to help you with deciding on how to match your top with the right necklace.

Feel free to leave comments below. Thanks for visiting!

Sondra Carpenter

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fashion Trend: Chain Link Jewelry

Chains are a big fashion trend now, especially big chunky links as well as a variety of sizes. You can show them off in layers with necklaces with your favorite a tee or let them peep from under a jacket. With bracelets were're seeing them stacked or like the one shown here, created with a mixture of smaller
and bigger chains. Wear them any way you like to add a little style and fun.

Sondra Carpenter

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Business Promotion Tip: Jewelry Recommendations For Your Customers

For customers on your mailing list that are family and friends, make recommendations for them of jewelry you think will fit their style. Your Kitsy Lane boutique is set up so your can write a recommendation for any of the items you stock. You can then easily and quickly send it out through your back office.

This way you're able to personalize the online shopping experience for your customers! That makes it easier for them to choose the perfect accessories from your online store.

Ready to open your own Jewelry Boutique for free?

Visit to watch the video and get started right now.

Sondra Carpenter

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fashion Trend: Emerald Green For 2013

According to Pantone, the worldwide authority on color, the Color of the Year for 2013 is Emerald. Already we're seeing this luxurious tone in the fashion scene with pieces from Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta.

Stylists like emerald green because it goes with practically all skin tones and eye colors. That's why The Diva's Jewelry Box, a Kitsy Lane Boutique, is offering a selection of jewelry featuring this rich, deep green. It matches well with a variety of colors, from black and brown, to brighter hues like cobalt blue. Match rosy or bronze makeup colors with emerald earrings or chokers.

Experiment and treat yourself to something special now in emerald. Click here now to register or login to The Diva's Jewelry Box to start shopping right away.

Feel free to leave comments below.

Sondra Carpenter

Friday, March 15, 2013

Jewelry Tip: Ideas For Storing Your Jewelry

The fun part of fashion jewelry is not only wearing it but also selecting and buying new pieces. But in order to keep your collection in good shape, it's good to know how to store it to get lots of wear for many seasons to come.

The article below offers tips on how to keep your fashion jewelry looking good, including information on sterling silver and pearls.

Feel free to post relevant comments or questions. Also let me know what other tips you'd like to see covered here. Thanks for visiting!

Sondra Carpenter

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Business Promotion Tip: Wear It And Share It

One of the easiest ways I've found to promote my jewelry business is to wear an item from my boutique and show it off. Once people actually see the quality of the pieces they are more likely to be interested in checking out what else is available. Make sure you have a business card ready to give them once you've modeled your accessories.

Since Internet purchases may not always look the same in reality as what the customer views online, this also helps to give you more credibility.

Click this link if you're interested in starting your own Jewelry Boutique for free.

Feel free to post questions or related comments. Thanks for visiting!

Sondra Carpenter

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fashion Trend: The Romantic Look

This is perfect for the spring season or anytime you want to accentuate a subtle and more romantic look with your outfit. An assortment of jewelry with delicate hues and intricate details that work well with a floral or lacy dress as well as your business suit, even your favorite jeans, are available now.

Sondra Carpenter

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Follow Me On Pinterest, Check Out My Board Discounts And Coupons

Visit my board that I've created on Pinterest called Discount And Coupons to see the latest sales, promotions and coupon offers for my Jewelry Boutique, The Diva's Jewelry Box.

Feel free to repin the pins from any of my boards as well, which include Jewelry Fashion Trends, Jewelry Tips and lots more.

Are you using Pinterest for your business? Leave comments if you'd like to share your experiences.

Sondra Carpenter

Monday, February 25, 2013

Business Promotion Tip: Use Your Coupons To Boost Sales

Once you sign on as a Kitsy Lane Boutique Owner you'll soon be receiving online discount coupon codes that you can give to your customers. They last about a week from the date you issue them, so don't forget to remind them a day or two before they expire. It's a great way to introduce prospective buyers to your online boutique!
Haven't set up your Free Jewelry Boutique yet? Click here to watch the video and sign up now.

Any questions or comments? Feel free to post below.

Sondra Carpenter

Friday, February 22, 2013

Fashion Trend: The Chic Gypsy Look

The look of handcrafted jewelry, with oversized and multiple gemstones. A style that reminds you of a million miles of travel to distant lands, yet is timelessly appropriate in any event in a cosmopolitan city. These are gorgeous pieces, to add to update your accessories closet. Make sure you check out all the sets and other items we have available in the boutique. You can click here to see the one displayed here now.
Happy shopping!
Sondra Carpenter

Thursday, February 21, 2013 Launched, Free Jewelry Fundraisers For Non-Profits And Organizations

My online jewelry boutique, The Diva's Jewelry Box, is now working with non-profits, churches and other orgainizations to run free jewelry fundraisers online. The site is called Bling For Charity and 50% of commissions earned through fundraisers set up with The Diva's Jewelry Box will be donated to charity. There are no fees charged to any organization that chooses to participate. Visit the site for more details, it's quick and easy to start generating revenues.

For more information click here.

Sondra Carpenter

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jewelry Tip: How To Care For Fashion Jewelry

Although our fashionable jewelry pieces may not necessarily be diamond studded or 24K gold, they still need proper care to last and continue to look beautiful. Here are a few tips to keep your favorite accessories in good shape.

* Store your jewelry in plastic bags or in a covered box
* Take off your accessories before you apply perfume or lotion
* Don't wear your fashion jewelry while cleaning.
* If you need to clean your pieces, don't use soap or jewelry cleaner, try Windex. Then rinse with water and dry carefully.
(NOTE: Never use silver cleaner - it can strip a silver finish in seconds!)
* Remove your special pieces when showering, working out or sleeping

Any special care tips you'd like to share? Feel free to leave comments below.

Sondra Carpenter

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fashion Trend: Fun With Colorblocking

Colorblocking is when you match up 2-3 colors together. It's a fun look, and lots of fashions are following this trend, so it's no surprise that the right jewelry can provide the perfect accent.

Here are a few tips from Toni Ferrara, a celebrity style expert who is also a guest editor for Kitsy Lane's blog.

Some ideas on how to wear it
Choose colors that are close together on the color wheel. For instance cobalt blue pants with a turquoise top. Also you can pair different shades of the same colors, like hot pink with red.

How to use jewelry to create a colorblocked style
Let your jewelry accent your colorblocked outfit. Decide on a color scheme then have your jewelry match one of the colors of one your pieces of clothing.

How to wear jewelry to accentuate the colorblocked look
Bold, big jewelry along with gold or silver goes great with a colorblocked outfit.

But most of all, see what works for you and define your own style. Have fun!

Sondra Carpenter

Monday, February 11, 2013

Jewelry Discount Coupons Available Now

Send a message through our Contact Form on the right side of this blog if you're interested in getting a discount coupon code. Just got in a new batch for $20 off purchases of $45 or more. I only have a limited amount of coupons available. Once you receive your code you have a week to use it before it expires. So make sure you send your request ASAP. Coupon codes can be used for sale items also, so hurry and get yours now!

Sondra Carpenter

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Weekly Flash Sale Mardi Gras Style!

The pieces I selected for my Flash Sale this week celebrate Carnival. Purple, gold and green are chosen for Mardi Gras, which is February 12 this year, as well as style and designs that reflect the fun and excitement of the season.

*** When you login to my online store look on the right side of the site where it says Spin and Win to play Jewelette and get your 15% discount coupon code right away!

Have fun! Happy shopping and Happy Mardi Gras!

Sondra Carpenter

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fundraiser Run By Extended For The Backstreet Cultural Museum Through March 2013

The fundraiser for The Backstreet Cultural Museum in New Orleans is being extended through the end of March 2013. This amazing museum has been a community resource for many years. We are supporting them through sales of Sheree Whitfield's feathered jewelry accessories from her SheBySheree line purchased through my jewelry boutique The Diva's Jewelry Box.

These pieces were chosen since they had a fun Mardi Gras feel. The Backstreet Cultural Museum is where you can view Mardi Gras costumes and related memorabilia in addition to experiencing their special exhibits and films. You can visit their site by clicking here.

You can also click here to read my previous article about the museum through my other blog, The Mardi Gras Girl Blog.

When you buy any of these items, the Lucia Earrings, Jade Necklace, or Farah Hair Clip, 50% of commissions received will be donated to the museum. We are raising funds to assist them with operations as well as children's community programs.

Look beautiful for a cause, you can click on the links to the items above to make a purchase now.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Sondra Carpenter

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Business Promotion Tip: Free Webinar On Using Pinterest To Promote Your Business

If you haven't heard, one of the fastest growing popular social media platforms is called Pinterest. It's a service that allows you to "pin" favorite images of your own or anyone else's on the site similar to the concept of pinning a picture to a cork board.
Since daily users for Pinterest have grown over 145% since the beginning of 2012, this is definitely a new way to promote your Kitsy Lane boutique or any other business.
To get access to the Free Webinar called Power of Pinning: How To Use Pinterest For Your Business To Get Traffic And Customers click here.
You'll get tips on how to get started with Pinterest, how to use Pinterest to help you improve SEO, how to make money pinning and much more. Don't miss out, click here to reserve your spot and register for the free webinar now.

Sondra Carpenter

Friday, February 1, 2013

Fashion Trend: Classic Jewelry Style Tips

There are some accessories that are part of your collection that work with your look and always help you pull it together. Here are some ideas for adding to your jewelry arsenal to obtain the classic look that gives you a personal signature with style.

1. Find gold or silver hoops that are a little unique
2. Use black as an accent color
3. Some neutrals should always be in your collection
4. Look for motifs that never go out of style
5. Always have a little bling with a Cocktail Ring!

Let me know what you think about the style tips and also feel free to share your own. Post your comments below.

Happy shopping!

Sondra Carpenter

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ever Have A Bad Jewelry Day?

Seems to me that few things are as annoying as having an outfit in mind but not knowing what accessories to wear with it. Maybe it's not that serious to you, could be just a Jewelry Diva thing! Lol! There's one sure remedy for! You may need to update your accessories to go with clothing you recently purchased. Also since jewelry can follow certain trends sometimes older pieces just don't work anymore. Or you may just want to update to the newest look.
So complete the form at the right side of the blog so you can get your coupon and buy some amazing jewelry!
Want to share your bad jewelry day moments? Feel free to post comments below.

Sondra Carpenter

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Business Promotion Tip: Use Social Media Like It's Going Out Of Style!

I admit the title of this post is a little corny, but I bet it got your attention. Lol! Once you sign on as a Boutique Owner with Kitsy Lane you can have them set up automatic updates to your Facebook page for all the sales promotions.You can have anyone that sees your page view deals like the daily and weekly flash sales. Make sure your tweets on Twitter connect to your Facebook page as well.
Plus your Kitsy Lane store has social media buttons for each of the product pages, so you can send descriptions and pictures to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus or by email. So easy to share, so start telling everyone you know about your new business!
If you haven't signed up for your Free Jewelry Business click here to view the video, then submit your email address to open your own boutique!

Sondra Carpenter

Monday, January 28, 2013

Let Me Know What You Want To See On The Next Weekly Flash Sale

Since I get to pick all the inventory for the store as well as the weekly flash sale, I'd like to hear from you. After you register, sign in and take a look around to see what you'd like to buy. Once you pick one or two pieces you plan to purchase, send me an email with the name of the item and designer, it's on the product description page. I can put a maximum of 12 items on the Weekly Flash sale by Wednesday.
The sale starts by 8PM EST on Wednesday night so let me know what you'd like to see me place on sale no later than 11PM EST on Tuesday.
Please send me your jewelry and accessories picks for the sale only after you register to be on the mailing list.
So visit my site to sign up and go shopping, then let me know what you want to get on sale. Remember any coupons you receive from me or through playing Jewelette can also be used on sale items.
Thanks for visiting, feel free to post comments below. Happy shopping!

Sondra Carpenter

Friday, January 25, 2013

Get A Shopping Coupon Code Right Away Just For Playing A Game

Once you register at my Jewelry Boutique you'll be able to play a game called Jewelette, it's fun! You sign in through your Facebook account, then it's like the Wheel of Fortune game and you spin a virtual wheel for points. Then you guess the letters that make up the answer to a puzzle.

When you play anytime during the week you'll get a 15% off coupon code for shopping in my boutique right away.You have to use your discount coupon code ASAP since it expires in 48 hours after you first login to Jewelette to play for the week. You can play again and get a new code the following week.

*** Also you can win up to $500 in jewelry every week! ***

Thanks for visiting, feel free to post comments below. Happy shopping!

Sondra Carpenter

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weekly Flash Sale Starting Now! It's Almost Valentine's Day!

It's that special time of year again to give to the one you love. Of course that can mean yourself, too! My Flash Sale for the week just started and I pick the merchandise for it as well as the store, which is fun!

I started to think of items that were heart shaped, say LOVE on them or have some other romantic inspiration.But then...that's what EVERYBODY does! I'm putting a different spin on my "It's Almost Valentine's Day" Flash Sale.

You won't see anything with hearts or lips or anything that says I Love You's a selection of a few items that I LOVE! They are some very special and unique pieces, I hope you'll fall in love with them, too.

Don't worry, I have some of the more traditional types of Valentine's Day related jewelry also. Those pieces are available as well in the boutique, so feel free to shop around after you register. If you need help finding something special, feel free to email me at the blue envelope on the right.

*** And remember to get your coupon, just complete the form on the right side of the blog to get instructions, you can use them on sales as well!

What are your thoughts on my Valentine's Day promotion? Feel free to leave comments below.

Happy shopping!

Sondra Carpenter

How To Really Work From Home! Start Your Own Online Jewelry Boutique For Free!

Ever thought about having a business where you can work at home at your own pace, but also have the opportunity to make as much money as you want? If the answer is yes and you also love fashion jewelry, then the Kitsy Lane boutique opportunity may be right for for you.

You earn up to 25% commissions on your sales, you even make money on your own personal sales. Plus you earn commissions on all sales from boutique owners that sign up under you.

Lots of merchandise available from renowned and emerging designers to choose from and you can stock your store with your selections. No inventory to buy and this online business opportunity is FREE!

Click here and view the video, then submit your email address to open your own boutique!

Sondra Carpenter

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Special Offer: Free Gift With Order, Felicity Bangle Bracelet

Get your free gift while supplies last, the Felicity Bangle Bracelet. Gorgeous, brushed finish with an asymmetrical shape. Nice understated design that adds a classic polish to anything you wear. 
- Gold-plated metal, brushed finish
 - 3/4" wide
 - 2 1/2" diameter
 - Covered hinge closure
 You can click here to visit my store 24/7 and register to make sure you get notified of all the great deals.
Happy shopping!

Sondra Carpenter

Fundraiser Run By, Featuring Designs By The Real Housewives Of Atlanta's Sheree Whitfield

Currently I am running a fundraiser for the Backstreet Cultural Museum in New Orleans. Half of all commissions earned for this month from the sales of Sheree Whifield's feathered jewelry and accessories wiill be donated to this incredible cultural museum. For more details on these items, part of her SheBySheree line, click this link to visit my other blog, The Mardi Gras Girl, to learn more.
The model is wearing the beautiful Lucia Earrings from the SheBySheree collection.
Thanks for visiting and for your support!

Sondra Carpenter

Designer Profile: Sheree Whitfield

Kitsy Lane works with several fashion designers including Sheree Whitfield, formerly with The Real Housewives of Atlanta reality show. She has owned and run a retail business for many years and wanted to come back to the fashion industry with her line of accessories, SheBySheree, exclusively designed for Kitsy Lane.

Her line I find is elegant, also at the same time dramatic and fun. These are pieces that can be worn with a cocktail dress as well as jeans and boots. They allow the wearer to bring out their personality with a touch of class but a the same time stand out from the crowd.

You can find the SheBySheree jewelry line by clicking here!

Feel free to leave comments below. Thanks for visiting.

Sondra Carpenter

Jewelry Tip: How To Wear The Collar Necklace

One of the current fasion trends is the collar necklace. You've seen it in a lot of variations and it looks great when you know what clothing to wear it with to show it off! Above is an illustration to give you some ideas for how to pull your look together with this attractive piece.

Did this fashion tip give you any interesting ideas? Post below to share!

Happy shopping!

Sondra Carpenter

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fashion Trend: Leather Jewelry Is Hot!

Recently I read an article on NYT Fashion about the leather fashion trend. There were great shots with models wearing lots of leather trimmed skirts, jackets and sweaters, so slick! So what better way to top off such a killer outfit than to accessorize it with leather jewelry? My store has some great leather bracelets available, make sure you check them out. The gray one is my personal favorite.
What's your take on the leather trend? Like it? Or not? Feel free to share your comments below.
Happy shopping!
Sondra Carpenter

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How To Get Your Jewelry Discount Shopping Coupon

At the right side of the blog you'll see a Contact Us button to request a discount coupon code. It can be used for anything in my boutique, including sale items. Since you're visiting my blog I'd like to make you top priority!

Make sure you use the form to get your instructions right away as there are a limited number of coupons available. So first come first served!

Happy shopping!

Sondra Carpenter

An Introduction To The Jewelry Diva

Before becoming an Online Boutique Owner through Kitsy Lane I also sold jewelry, specializing in handcrafted pieces from around the world. Several years prior to that I learned how to make beaded and wire wrapped jewelry taking classes in San Diego, CA and sold my work through vendors as well as on consignment. So I guess you can say I've got jewelry in my blood! This business is a natural extension of my personal passion, which is, well....Jewelry Lover!

I'm having a lot of fun with my new business and hope you'll enjoy my blog posts. Feel free to share your jewelry stories here in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more from the Jewelry Diva!

Sondra Carpenter

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Welcome To The Diva's Jewelry Blog!

Welcome to The Diva's Jewelry Blog. This will be your online resource for weekly sales announcements, jewelry fashion tips, designer profiles, home business promotion ideas and more.

Feel free to comment and share your style. Also let me know what you'd like to see covered on this blog in future posts. Stay tuned for my next post and I'll share a little about me and my jewelry business.

Thanks for visiting!

Sondra Carpenter