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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Business Promotion Tip: Offline Advertising Ideas - Part 3 Of 3

Create you own business opportunity flyer and grow your list of Boutique Owners. You'll earn 15% on all sales from your team of Boutique Owners, so this is another way to build your business. 

In your back office you'll see a link for sharing the Kitsy Lane opportunity through social media. Share it there as well, but also use the information on that page to make your own flyers.

You can post the flyers, be creative and see what makes sense in your area, but I'm thinking about giving them out at flea markets. Approach people that are vendors and ask if they know someone who may be interested in a free online business opportunity. Even if they don't think it's for them, they may know someone else who'd like to sign on as a Boutique Owner.

Haven't signed up to get your own Kitsy Lane online jewelry boutique for free? Then click here to get started now!

Hope you found these advertising ideas useful. Please feel to post comments or questions below. Thanks for visiting! 

Sondra Carpenter

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