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Monday, April 15, 2013

Business Promotion Tip: Offline Advertising Ideas - Part 1 Of 3

This post and the 2 following it will cover some ideas for advertising your Kitsy Lane jewelry boutique offline. These are easy ways to get your business in front of local prospects. 

The first requires getting business cards. I use Vistaprint, you can go online and search for other companies also, they have offers where you can get them free as well as discounted. Also if you have a Staples in your area they usually have print shops where you can get cards printed the same day.

Once you get them, go around to as many hair and nail salons as you can and ask if you can leave your cards. This is a great way to quickly get your business in front of a targeted market of women that will spend money to look good. What better way for them to help show off their hair and nails than with a nice piece of jewelry (or two!) to add to their collection.

If you can, purchase a few items from your boutique for yourself to model when you're going on you your salon hunt. Use the coupons from your back office for shopping or get one by playing Jewelette. You'll also earn commissions on all your own sales. Since you're not carrying inventory, your clients can see a sample of what's available and the quality of the jewelry. Also don't forget to go back every couple of weeks or so to replinish the cards so they get to see and remember you.

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Sondra Carpenter

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