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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fashion Trend: Fun With Colorblocking

Colorblocking is when you match up 2-3 colors together. It's a fun look, and lots of fashions are following this trend, so it's no surprise that the right jewelry can provide the perfect accent.

Here are a few tips from Toni Ferrara, a celebrity style expert who is also a guest editor for Kitsy Lane's blog.

Some ideas on how to wear it
Choose colors that are close together on the color wheel. For instance cobalt blue pants with a turquoise top. Also you can pair different shades of the same colors, like hot pink with red.

How to use jewelry to create a colorblocked style
Let your jewelry accent your colorblocked outfit. Decide on a color scheme then have your jewelry match one of the colors of one your pieces of clothing.

How to wear jewelry to accentuate the colorblocked look
Bold, big jewelry along with gold or silver goes great with a colorblocked outfit.

But most of all, see what works for you and define your own style. Have fun!

Sondra Carpenter

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